April baking, fires and ferrets!

Coming back out of hibernation…. 

I heard somewhere lately that March is usually the month when there are the most amount of “solar flares”.  Apparently these have an effect on your body especially if you are sensitive to energies. I have really been feeling it lately and had to take a step back.

It’s funny as I usually hibernate in winter anyway and then emerge once spring arrives. But then feel the need to go inward again. Perhaps it’s just me being the ever eternal hermit (believe it or not, as someone who runs a community group and seems out going, I am actually quite anti-social!) 

I am back now and almost ready to go and so have organised a series of early morning baking classes throughout April to get us up and going! All the info can be found in my full moon newsletter

The Spring equinox was beautiful and I celebrated accordingly with a fire and mini celebration at home with my family.  Making a fire gives me a sense of place.  No matter what time of day it is (my favourite ones are at sunrise)

The Australian Aboriginies do so despite not needing any extra warmth, again to give that sense of place.  Like the travellers and gypsies do too when moving about. A moveable hearth around which the energy of home is created.

I digress.

Of course everyone is looking back now to a year ago and what has happened since then.  It was actually the day before the Equinox (and the lockdown) last year that one of our beautiful pet ferrets went missing.  He escaped and was last seen scurrying off to the nearby forest plantation

He never came back.  I wandered that forest every day at dawn and dusk searching for him.  Alas to no avail 🙁

And while I wandered I sang.  In particular this song for the coming spring.

And it was shortly before lockdown too that I recorded this.  I think it turned out so well because I was so sad at the time! (make sure you get the violins out won’t you!)

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