Community Bake February 2020

Well I think that was one of the most calming baking afternoons we have had so far…. I felt a sense of peace somehow even though we still had lots of people there baking it just seemed really, well, serene almost

More singing adventures

I honestly didn’t feel like even venturing out the house today. Tax return looming, big list of things to get ready for next Saturday’s bake and rainy weather meant it was not a good incentive for me to even move! In fact I was still in my pyjamas half an hour before the train left my village…

Baking on 17 August 2019

Most people arrived around 2pm (with some early birds too kindly offering to help set up and make teas – thanks Dave and Nick) and we got started with weighing flour and making our dough.

Lammas, Baking and Mental Health

Mental health is a biggie for me and I am not going to hide the fact that at times I really do suffer.  For a couple of months I had been ‘hiding away’ somewhat and having a break from my work anyway.

Did you know that singing together is good for you?

For many people I know, and also speaking for myself I can say that music has well and truly been healing. It has saved many people I know from the brinks of despair. Music is such an individual thing and of course no two people can claim to have the same musical tastes.

Community Bake April

Well what a lovely time at our Spring Community bake!  It was the first sunny day in a LONG time and I was wondering if anyone would turn up at all but luckily they did!

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