Community Baking and Music

Another great community baking afternoon – this time at The Diamond Centre in Kirkby-in-Ashfield.  We had 20 bakers – 7 adults and 13 children – who, luckily for me, did not arrive all at once!  We baked the usual yeasted loaf and had some great results!

Sourdough September – The trial

So last September as we were approaching the two Community Baking days towards the end of the month and I’m busy preparing, publicising, making sure some great musicians come etc. Also I had been on the hunt to find donations of huge amounts of flour!

My Story – Part 2 First encounters with Sourdough

As the children grew bigger and I started taking them to playgroups and toddler mornings, I was lucky enough to find the most wonderful Parent and Child group at the local Steiner School. Going to this group has had such a positive effect on my life, and on the lives of my three children, in so many ways…

My Story – Part 1 Starting baking

My baking journey started many years ago – I guess in my early twenties when I was rather into healthy eating. I remember experimenting with fresh yeast bought at the local bakery, getting it to froth up in lukewarm water before baking. I was living with my Nanna at the time and have a vivid memory of this frothy yeast mixture (or not so frothy if I had accidentally killed it) sat there on the window-ledge. My Nanna would roll her eyes! What on earth was she up to this time?!

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