Singing in caves

We watched silently as the sun set.  There was no-one else around except for the spirits of our ancestors permeating the rocks and infusing the landscape with the heathen soul of ancient Britain

Folk song as an antidote to modernity

I had a discussion yesterday about whether or not in the olden (golden?) days times were more gruesome or not.  Did more awful things happen?  I was erring more towards yes because of some of the folk songs that contain infanticide and other terrible murders

How to learn a folk song (in 6 easy steps)

I can be profoundly moved by music. The latest piece is a beautiful work of art. A soundscape that was recommended by my friend, Dan, from Wolcensmen (I sang some lyrics for his last album, Fire in the White Stone a couple of years ago.)

The Joy of singing

I am singing as I write this – pure joy.  

I don’t sing all the time  (I am a very peaceful person really and don’t tend to talk before noon on a typical day if I can help it) but once I get started, especially with a new song obsession, then that’s it!  I will be singing it on repeat for hours. (I am sure we have all done that at some point)

More singing adventures

I honestly didn’t feel like even venturing out the house today. Tax return looming, big list of things to get ready for next Saturday’s bake and rainy weather meant it was not a good incentive for me to even move! In fact I was still in my pyjamas half an hour before the train left my village…

Did you know that singing together is good for you?

For many people I know, and also speaking for myself I can say that music has well and truly been healing. It has saved many people I know from the brinks of despair. Music is such an individual thing and of course no two people can claim to have the same musical tastes.

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