Community Bake February 2020

Well I think that was one of the most calming baking afternoons we have had so far….  I felt a sense of peace somehow even though we still had lots of people there baking it just seemed really, well, serene almost

There were a few kids running about having fun but generally there was a peaceful feel to the afternoon.  Some early arrivals got on with their baking straight away as they know the score now.  We also had lots of new bakers join us and some lovely new musicians.

Lynn – I was blown away by your singing and Andy’s self penned songs.  Just lovely! Thank you.  Their band is the Corndodgers if you want to have a look

At this time of year we are exactly mid-way through Winter – so at the half way point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.  These are called cross-quarter days and traditionally honoured in some way.  

You can call this Imbolc in the Celtic tradition.  Candlemas is also around the same time.  Apparently this is also the time that lambing begins  I will have to ask Wayne about this… 

I found a lovely Anglo-Saxon ploughing charm or field blessing which said at this time of year the farmer would bless the plough by burying a loaf of  bread and some milk under it.  So we baked a milk bread yesterday.  There’s a method here to make a St Brighid’s Cross (I was attempting to try with dough yesterday but failed miserably – much easier when I’ve done it with bits of grass)

We are much more disconnected from the natural rhythms of the Earth these days but if we can honour these traditions in some way then we not only honour Mother Nature too but we can acknowledge that we are a part of that greater Whole.  We are somehow all connected

There were some amazing bread creations.  Some people brought olives, seeds, nuts and spices to add to theirs!  We also had two delicious homemade cakes – thank you to Dorinda and to Wayne and Olivia.  Am hoping to get the recipes off them to share.  Oh and Andi’s recipe for the lemon curd.

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