Community Baking – a celebration

Lovely afternoon spent baking!!

We had around 30 people to bake in Chilwell last February which was a great way to end our stay there!  It was lovely to see so many regulars as well as a couple of newcomers also.  Nine adult bakers and five families with a total of eight children, plus my kids, my mum and musicians meant we had a full house!  The atmosphere was great J Thank you to Andy and Dave from Ain’t Misbehavin’ for coming along again to give us some great music.  You can watch a short clip here And regular baker Julian also brought his accordion so we had some Scottish tunes in line with it being Burn’s Night of course!

And so for the bread – we all baked Scottish Morning Rolls.  Each person had two trays with their cobs on so thank goodness for the big oven.  I think we did very well to identify whose bread was whose in the end! This recipe was quite simple with the liquid being half milk and half water it gave the bread a nice texture.  You could definitely tell the difference than when using just water.

Sadly this was the last bake at this venue.  I guess it was time to move on.  Christ Church have let us use the hall on and off for about 3 years at a very low rate.  So I am much indebted to them for this as it really has enabled me to launch this project.  All the trial and error of running the group, getting people there and getting them to come back again and again and also just me practicing my teaching skills!

Like I have always said, I am not really the teacher just the facilitator.  Many people who come to these baking afternoons bring with them a varied level of knowledge of baking bread and it is always great to swap ideas and get some little tips from each other.

It felt rather like a party atmosphere and I received some lovely gifts with thanks J  We had some fresh bread to taste with some delicious homemade jams brought by two bakers as well as Mary’s lovely Beeston honey.  Thank you!

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