Goodbye to the woods (5 November 2021)

It is new moon, or rather the day after it (5th Nov today) but the energies are still strong and I just took a beautiful early walk in the woods close to my house

It’s time to say goodbye now.  I have been mentally preparing to leave the village, as well my home of 5 years, for somewhere new but all this time I just was not ready yet.  Somewhere deep down I knew I would not be staying. Moving house (as well as some important other things) was on my vision board way back on Jan 1st this year.  All of them since coming true and I am moving house in the next week or so.

The woods have been the most magical place of all and many days have I spent wandering there with my hounds and many beautiful things of Nature seen. From snow fall in April, to the unfurling of the Beech leaves in the May and huge birds of prey soaring silently as I roamed around in a daydream.

I was first introduced to my Love (and the father of the baby I am carrying) in those woods too, one day at the back end of last year while I was walking with my good friend Sarah (Sarah is also an amazing life coach and “Path-Lighter “- she runs some amazing coaching courses as well as the Visioning Day on Jan 1st every year which I would highly recommend)  Note Sarah didn’t ask me to write this I just want people to know how amazing she is as she has helped me so much.  Her sessions work like some strange kind of magic! 

The woods here are actually a plantation of mainly pine and beech trees and managed by the Forestry Commission but in the olden days, and times of Robin Hood, it was exactly the western boundary of ancient Sherwood Forest and right close by is Annesley Hall

I dislike Notts County Council intensely but this is a good overview from their website

In more recent times when most of the forest was cleared this particular spot where I spent most days during lockdown was then actually all hills and known as being the place where Lord Byron used to roam from his nearby home at Newstead abbey.  He even set his poem The Hills of Annesley there

Now, at the beginning of November, the trees still retain their leaves.  Everything seems so much later this year. Including these beautiful fairy toadstools.  At least 6 weeks later I would say when compared to previous years.

Seeing these makes me so happy.  What magic they bring to the woodland glade.

There are also deer in these woods but all the time I have lived here I have only seen them on maybe 2 occasions and very fleeting at that.  Maybe because I usually have the dogs with me.

But today I was completely alone and in my absolute element actually. My big lurcher likes to run after deer so maybe for the best he was not there.  Towards the end of today’s magical walk, as I reached a high point, I spied one of these elusive creatures.

The forest is full of huge mounds which are almost like sacred hills and remind me of burial mounds but they are most probably from the old pit days in actual fact (possibly called slagheaps…?) The sun had just risen and there, staring at me, was a dark brown deer, quite big in stature that at first it resembled a Rottweiler. 

We stared at each other for what seemed like ages before it darted off down the hill to safety.  I think it had been awaiting the warm rays of the sunrise in the manner of some ancient heathen rite like I had been. It was truly a magical moment. I saw it as a sign from the spirit world. A good omen for things to come.

As I wandered through the woods today I could recount every single occurrence there throughout the changing seasons and where I had made my singing videos or where I had sat to write.  In particular over the last 18 months.  At the beginning of lockdown it was my bliss coming here at sunrise most days.

At that point I was searching for an escaped ferret which unfortunately was never found.  Jack got out his cage the day before the first lockdown.  I always hope he might just pop out from the undergrowth and surprise me but actually I am sure he is long gone

This new moon in Scorpio is, apparently, all about shedding of the old – I am really ready for the  change now and accept it with gratitude (found a lovely meditation specifically for this)

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