How to bake a No-Knead Loaf

A lot of people tell me they would love to make their own bread but just can’t be bothered with kneading the dough (this could be due to time constraints or just that they don’t want the mess in the kitchen.

Others cannot knead the dough anyway for mobility reasons (arthiritis etc) so how do you make a tasty loaf with no kneading at all?  Lets find out…..

There are a few kinds of bread that are completely “no-knead”.  I usually bake with natural yeast (sourdough) and have experimented on numerous occasions with a no-knead loaf.

The dough is usually very sloppy (almost like a batter) and you let it rise overnight, like other sourdoughs.  But I rarely follow a recipe so it can be hit and miss.  I also find the resulting crust to be rather chewy!

Grant Loaf

This morning though I stumbled upon an amazing recipe that requires no kneading at all and which only takes a minute to mix.  From the book “Making Bread At Home” by Christene Ingram & Jennie Shapter the recipe can also be found here It was a recipe that uses bakers yeast I was very pleased with the result indeed!

This ‘no-need-to-knead bread’ was adapted from a 1940s recipe by healthy-eating evangelist Doris Grant, who believed white flour – and its lack of nutrients – was the enemy.

Making bread one day, Doris forgot to knead it. On tasting the loaf, she discovered it had a fair taste and decided never again to bother kneading her bread.

Now for many of us enthusiastic bakers, the kneading process is something that we really enjoy, relish even. 

It can be quite therapeutic and even a chance for once to be in the moment (Mindful bread baking-post to follow soon) but as I have said above not everyone wants to do so or is able.

I must admit I can get a little impatient and often cut short the kneading time myself.

Give it a go anyway! You won’t be disappointed.  Am actually thinking of doing this loaf at one of my sessions soon – got a sack of white flour to use up first though! 🙂

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