How to bake bread – Community Bake for November 2019

What a great afternoon of baking!

I say this every time but it really was one of the best ones yet.  People started to arrive at the hall in Nuthall just after 1pm for a 1.30pm start.  I was pleased to see familiar faces as well as many new ones too.

I didn’t make a proper count but I think we had at least 30 people baking together at any one time (ages 2 to, well I wouldn’t like to say but I know there were definitely a few bakers in their 70’s!)

We also had various people just turn up for the music and lots who turned up to do both.  Among the bakers there is much hidden talent! We had numerous instruments – a couple of accordians (seems to be a popular one), guitars (also popular) – there were also quite a few pianists and singers too and of course my sis who usually bring her harp along x

The lovely folk from Community Organisers came too for a mini “listening campaign”.  Thanks to those of you who took part – I hope you managed to get something out of it.

I really cannot thank people enough for all their help and contributions… . I couldn’t have done it without you!

Heather for bringing the poppies (and Wayne’s Auntie for knitting them), the seeds and just for helping advise people on their bread – it’s a lot for me to do on my own without forgetting something!

For Wayne and Olivia’s delicious soup

And to everyone who bought some yummy offerings of jam, honey and other food etc.

Thanks to Darren also who shared most of the cake he made.  I will see if I can get the recipe off him.

Thank you Dorinda for bringing the beautiful banana cake.  Maybe some of you got to talk to Dorinda on Saturday but she did tell me the story of this meditation on a poppy and how an intuitive thought just popped in her mind the other week about doing it – I have downloaded it now and it was just what I needed after a busy day.  In all I raised about £250 for Veterans Lifeline so I am really pleased – thank you everyone!

It doesn’t really matter what religion/belief you follow, if any at all.  I would say Nature is mine and we can all gain something from meditation.  You just have to focus on that which calls to you.  The same day of the baking was the local All Day Sacred Harp singing here in Notts so I actually got myself organised so I could attend in the morning before coming to set up a the hall – I sang my heart out and the energy created there I think set me up for the day

Sorry if I have forgotten anyone but thanks really to everyone who came.  Every time I organise one of these events I really don’t know who will come or how many but I always just know that just the right people will turn up and all get on and create the right energy

Well done everyone for baking such wonderful bread.  The fancy patterns turned out really well.  Please let me know if you have any feedback for the session – how it can be improved as without constructive criticism or suggestions I don’t know!  I will make sure I have more equipment in case we get that many people again!

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