How to bake bread with wild garlic

“Garlic bread?”  “Garlic bread?” – I can hear Peter Kay now! 😀

How exciting is it when you see the first signs of wild garlic peeping through the soil?  Or rather even more so when you go in to the woods and the ground is carpeted with the stuff literally as far as the eye can see.  Allium ursinium, also known as Ramsons, has always been a favourite of mine.  We made pesto and also tried fermenting some for the first time last year.  And I’ve just spotted in my cupboard this evening a jar of wild garlic flower buds pickled in vinegar from a year ago! Still tasty.  The whole of the plant is edible (flowers and all), though I have never dug one up to taste the bulb.

In the past I have just mixed in the chopped up leaves with my sourdough dough.  You can do this in the latter stage of any bread.  Once you have the dough ready and have kneaded it a while then knocked back, add the garlic by just kneading it into the dough.  Then prove ready to bake.  In fact at Green Scene Forest School today we made a flat bread cooked in the open fire and just before baking we kneaded in the chopped up garlic.

Wild garlic focaccia has become a delicious favourite even though I have actually only made it for the first time today – what a treat! For this recipe you need

  • white bread flour (get organic as it is better),
  • sea salt,
  • pepper,
  • fresh yeast (or dry will do),
  • warm water,
  • olive oil
  • and of course wild garlic.
  • greaseproof paper

The above recipe comes from a brilliant website called “Eat Weeds”.  Of course a “weed” is really any plant that is growing where it is not wanted.

As for the foraging trip still cannot decide where to go – might just have to do two trips!

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