How to colour your bread pink – an accidental success

At the end of summer I always have good intentions: go foraging and make all sorts of potions and jams and infusions etc. But sometimes they get forgotten and that is when it gets interesting…..

I collected a load of elderberries to make a syrup just in the nick of time before it was too late.  Now, this syrup started off just fine but it got forgotten about and when I checked the bottle after a month or so I was in for a surprise.

I opened the air tight lid and it went bang!  It had actually started to ferment and was more like wine 🙂

Colourful dough

Well a couple of weeks later I was baking a white yeasted loaf and really fancied doing something different and thought “let’s add some of the elderberry mixture and give this bread some colour”!

It turned out to be an absolutely delicious loaf indeed and very pretty too!!  The sweetness really came through and made the crust lovely and chewy 🙂

Beetroot – another natural source of colourI love to experiment with colours in bread.  Beetroot water is a really good one to add.  Basically you are using up what would have been a waste product so it’s a win-win situation.

When you boil up beetroot the water that is left in the pan is soooo beautifully dark pink.  Just add this water while still warm to your flour, yeast and salt (substitute all the water if you have enough) and it looks gorgeous.  Great for baking with kids.  They just love kneading the pink dough.

It has to be said that once baked the colour does not show much in the loaf crumb.  It kind of disperses to the crust!  That’s all for pink – I will have to find some other colours now! Quite fancy blue actually….

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