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I honestly didn’t feel like even venturing out the house today.  Tax return looming, big list of things to get ready for next Saturday’s bake and rainy weather meant it was not a good incentive for me to even move!  In fact I was still in my pyjamas half an hour before the train left my village…

Anyway the littlest one, who wanted to spend some time with her Mother, and I got ourselves moving and got on the lunchtime train to Notts.  There is nothing like a train journey with the promise of music and/or a real ale pub to get one moving

A steady walk up to the Arboretum and we met with some others walking up – lovely surprise to see some of my friends from Greenwood Clog as well as a collection of other lovely people I have met along the last few months.

So there were ten of us huddled in the tunnel – a little candle gave us some atmosphere – and we had a right good old sing! 

From some well known rounds to some lesser known tunes, a couple of folks songs and then to keep it topical a couple of lovely Scottish songs with a lovely solo from Trina and not forgetting a rendition of a Burns poem by Alistair.  Thank you for all the songs you brought!

A list of songs we did:

  • Bella mama
  • “Senwa de den day” round
  • Andrew’s 3 spirituals – I’m Gonna Sing…, Swing Low…., Oh When the Saints..
  • Thousands or More (folk song by the Copper Family though another nice version is here and of course our version too)
  • Wade In The Water (thanks Jan)
  • Beautiful yodel-sounding song from newbie Mandy (please send me words if you read this as we loved it!) 
  • Wild Mountain Thyme
  • Some Sacred Harp or Shape note singing – video here

Hope I have not forgotten any..

A few came who claimed they did not/could not sing but it all sounded REALLY good to me!!

We trundled off to the Malt Cross afterwards to the Irish folk session that is held there every month

Look out for singing in more unusual places soon xx

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