Podcast Adventures! and I am back! (Lockdown thoughts)

After about a month of not doing very much at all since the start of lockdown I’m back! Almost feeling ready to be visible again.  It is funny as my “not doing much” was actually productive in terms of creativity and even more important – SELF CARE

This lockdown situation is horrendous in the fact that people are also SUFFERING mentally because of it.  I just cannot fathom the fear that especially old people will be feeling.

Anyway I am trying my best to stay positive however to be that way all the time is of course very unrealistic.  It is perhaps more important that the ‘lows’ don’t go too low and that they don’t last too long.  I’ve had my fair share over the last weeks…

The good news anyway….. I started a podcast.  If you are like me (and don’t yet live in this century you may not even know what a podcast is – it is basically a piece of audio you listen to via the internet rather like a radio show)  I went on a “podcasting for beginners” course about 4 years ago with the lovely ladies at NgSHE.  I turned up on day one not even having a clue what a podcast was!

I went away after four sessions really inspired (these were all women and musicians and inspiring folks generally).  Unfortunately the tech stuff at the time put me off.  I have zero desire to sit for hours at my laptop  

But I love words, I love storytelling and I love sharing this with people.  I even enjoy writing but since doing the course podcasting seems to have hit off and the technology has become far more accessible.

So now I can venture off with just my phone and record whatever I want to then edit it on the app.  Easy! You can even add whatever music you want to!! Even better.  And as a lover of folk music that was my original thought – to get some of my favourite traditional English folk music out there.  Also to record other people’s stuff.  

I almost imagine myself as one of the old folk collectors back in the early 20th century going out to the countryside recording the dying folk songs on a wax cylinder! Cecil Sharp was one of the collectors – it is fascinating stuff if you have time to look into it

Well maybe that’s an idea when lockdown is over…..  For now I shall just be recording my outdoor ramblings as well as some baking related material.  The link to listen is here.  Hope you like it and please let me have ANY feedback at all. Thanks!!

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