Sourdough September – The trial

So last September as we were approaching the two Community Baking days towards the end of the month and I’m busy preparing, publicising, making sure some great musicians come etc. Also I had been on the hunt to find donations of huge amounts of flour!

I usually ask for some money/donations to cover the cost of the flour but this time any money donated went to a very worthy local charity, Women’s Aid Integrated Services (WAIS).  I found out rather last minute that they are also run an event in September called Bake A Difference and I have wanted to do some fundraising for them for ages – so what better opportunity.

Accidental success with a little experiment – read about my elderberry bread in a blog coming soon……

Well we managed to get some flour.  Big thanks to Vic from The Secret Kitchen Newstead who kindly stepped in last minute with lots of bags of wholemeal bread flour (supermarket surplus).  I also had to take a trip to Green’s Windmill in Nottingham on the Wednesday as I had a big panic that I may not end up having any flour at all!

As a charity themselves the Mill unfortunately could not help with donating any flour but I bought some for my stock anyway and they did a 10% discount.  This is one of my most favourite places in Nottingham – lots of history.  (blog post on this also coming soon)

On Thursday we had a brilliant community baking afternoon!  Young and old came together for the afternoon to bake bread.  We usually start from scratch and make a basic white loaf/cobs just because even though there is a wide range of experience and abilities, I always cater for complete beginners. Even those who have baked a lot before have said they just really enjoy baking with others, chatting and swapping ideas.  I pick up the odd tip too so it does benefit us all

While we waited for the dough to rise we enjoyed some great live music from Julian who played some Italian tunes on his accordion and then my very own sister brought her harp down.  There was even a bit of tinkling on the piano.

We welcomed some regulars as well as some newbies which was great! As it was Sourdough September (and half of the reason for holding the event) I briefly explained the process of sourdough baking. But the very essence of sourdough baking is long-fermentation which obviously cannot be done in an afternoon.  So I brought a bowl of bubbling sourdough to demonstrate what to do next.

We also had some little sourdough starter kits that were available for a donation (we were collecting for Women’s Aid) These were made up of a small amount of rye flour (in fact just the correct amount – 100g) and instructions to make your own sourdough starter over 4 days – using 25g each day.

Or people could just choose to take a jar of my starter home with them, also for a small donation.

I decided to give any donations from the bake to Women’s Aid Nottingham (WAIS) for their Bake A Difference event running throughout September.  This is a very worthy local cause to Nottingham.

All in all we raised over £46.93 for Women’s Aid on that day – Thanks so much to everyone who came!  Lets hope we can double it at next week’s bake In Kirkby-in-Ashfield on the 30th September

We had a bit of a social, cup of tea/coffee while talking bread and in fact anything else that anyone wanted! Also had a lovely taster loaf donated by Tough Mary’s Bakehouse

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