The bread tasted great!

So, a quick update – seeing as though I was being slightly dramatic the other day!  The bread actually tasted great!

The extra day that the sourdough had to ferment really made it taste great.  Sometimes we just need a bit of extra time to process things, to simply just BE.  Modern life is conducive to creating the feeling of “overwhelm” I think.  It is glorified to be “busy” all the time but often we just run out of steam!

Baking bread is such a good way of bringing oneself bake to the moment. Knowing that all moments of your life led up to this moment now is a good one to remember.  Living fully in the present moment can be hard, especially when that may make us feel sad.  But try and let those thoughts pass, without judgement and focus on what you can see, hear, feel, taste and smell, in this moment NOW.   Mindfulness is now recommended by doctors to help with things such as anxiety and depression.  How brilliant is that!?

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