The Joy of singing

I am singing as I write this – pure joy.  

I don’t sing all the time  (I am a very peaceful person really and don’t tend to talk before noon on a typical day if I can help it) but once I get started, especially with a new song obsession, then that’s it!  I will be singing it on repeat for hours. (I am sure we have all done that at some point)

The latest one is this song that someone played on a London Writers Salon zoom lately.  Don’t know why but I love it. 

“The book of love has music in it

In fact that’s where music comes from

Some of it’s just transcendental

Some of it’s just really dumb

But I

I love it when you sing to me

And you

You can sing me anything”

 I am normally drawn to stuff from the olden days/17th Century and not really up on anything modern but now and then a recent song will grab my ear and attention

When Robin was born (exactly 12 weeks ago today I may add!) there were a few songs that were sang around that time that have a lot of meaning.

The day before he was born, his Dad and I went up to Hardwick Hall to go and sing at the ice house.  A very beautiful and unusual place but perfect for acoustics.  When I finally found a song the dog insisted on joining in too.  Here’s a version with the baby when we had snow in April

As I sang in the tunnel a little Robin was with us the whole time and at one point right above my head. Our baby is now called Robin and we constantly see these beautiful birds – certainly messengers from Spirit and symbols of protection 

Robin was born blissfully at home but we ended up going to hospital for some check ups.  That night in hospital I sang to him for hours.  First some Sanskrit chants that I had been learning then some old English.

My new-born baby’s eyes opened wide for the first time and he was REALLY listening so intently.  This was the song and it’s words are so meaningful – a queen sings to her new-born son and says:

“You are pure, conscious and taintless,

You are not subject to the illusoriness of the world,

…… Why are you crying?

You are pure….” etc

These words never fail to move me

The second song I sang was quite different.  Sung by a friend of mine this one is written in old/middle English.  I was learning it in hospital that night.  It passed the time and cheered up the eerie silence/occasional blood curdling scream of the maternity ward late at night.

The mon o’ micht, he rade o’ nicht,

Wi’ neider swerd ne ferd ne licht.He socht tha mare, he fond tha mare,

He bond tha mare wi’ her ain hare.

Ond gared her swar by midder-micht,

She wold nae mair rid o’ nicht.

Whar aince he rade thot mon o’ micht.

Sadly, the day afterwards we were separated due to the draconian and downright criminal covid rules (which don’t seem to apply to the politicians).  I have not yet recovered from this and someone WILL be held accountable.  During this time I pumped milk for the little one while listening to the Sanskrit REALLY loud 

The music kept me going even though tears so often did flow

We sent love to our little Robin on the ether and I infused my milk with good energy and light while singing.  Another beautiful one about love is here

Robin has to have an operation on his heart soon and I know with all my heart he will be ok. And I keep singing to him always 💛💛💛

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