What happens if we cook when we are feeling sad?

Yesterday I felt far too sad and exhausted to even move, let alone bake bread.  The dough was there all ready but it just seemed like way too much effort. Also, and this is the biggie really, I just did not want to put my bad/sad feelings into the bread.

Sounds crazy?  No it’s not at all

Some people believe that whatever emotion you are feeling while cooking and preparing food, goes into the food.  Could it therefore follow that the emotion could potentially make the food taste bad or be passed on to those eating it…..?

One of my ALL TIME favourite books about this very subject is Like Water For Chocolate (originally written in Spanish by a Mexican author). It is a wonderful tale of a young girl, the youngest daughter in a family, who is doomed to look after her widowed mother and never marry.

Centred around food, the novel also contains many wonderful recipes.

The girl grows up helping in the kitchen and we see that all her emotions go into the food she prepares and are transmitted to those eating it.  So, for example, when she is distraught that her sweetheart must marry her sister, she cries into the wedding cake mixture.

Far-fetched….?  Well, maybe a little

At the wedding feast, upon eating the cake, all the wedding guests cry so much it causes a flood.  OK so it sounds a little far fetched and in the film they really made a great job of this scene, but what a great illustration!  I so loved reading the story and then seeing the film and highly recommend to anyone who likes cooking.

So back to feeling sad…

In England we very much carry on regardless and when someone asks us how we are, we all say “fine thanks” don’t we? Even when we are not.

Often it is best to work through the feelings ourselves but other times it’s so good to reach out to others.  I know it really does depend on the individual.

Communal cooking, like we do at our Community Baking afternoons, can be a opportunity to share how we may be feeling in the moments.  Or just getting together with others and having a nice afternoon can cheer you up!

I just had to wallow a little yesterday.  It was probably because all my focus for the past month or so had been towards preparing for Saturdays Bake  amongst other things and making sure it went to plan.

But today I feel great! So upward and onward 🙂 and I shall get that dough made into bread today.  It is a sourdough dough so it has just had an extra day to ferment!

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